Friday, September 18, 2015

18th september 2015 next day of ganesha festival

Whole day at home; Some relative of Gta came; I have arranged new tyre for byke;  No news paper for the day; Morning seen ranigunj posts from smart phone; added few words to key word file;

17 th sept 2015; Cream of society;

Ganesh chavithi day; 2015

Ganesh chavithi day; 2015
Puja performed at home; later 2 hours net session lot of r&d did on keywords took prints too; Lt metro id; Tweeted;  Jd file improved further; Called Jana & Syam;

Evening to Shailoos home; Night had Darshan of near by Ganesha; Kisses of Anju papa butsleepy eyes of me annoyed; 3 g fresh activation; Throught the day whatsapp interaction had; Money crunch coming faster;


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