Thursday, September 03, 2015


seen current standing  google  document writers  of  20 plus places; nail cutter;scissors; hair cut  for the day; gave Camera for repair; Transfered rent to ram mohan Reddy; no field work and no income;
 Seen that Gta has huge load of washing and cooking and cleaning duties; Purchased tablets and Insulin; powder;all out some contributions by Gta; purchased Telugu velugu; Most of the day at home; night call from sujanresidency; during the morning net session grabbed few more Jdvf;

Rapid Bosch car decorators miyapur Hyderabad

Rapid Bosch
-40-33014686 Miyapur Hyd

Suman Car Decors basheer bagh Hyderabad

Suman Car Decors
(91)-40-33017531 Basheerbagh 

Golden Car Spa car decorator narayanaguda Hyderabad

Golden Car Spa One Stop Car Shopee
40-39513685 3-5-878, Narayanguda, Hyderabad - 500029

Elegant Car Decorators banjara hills hyderabad

Elegant Car Designers
-40-33066235 Banjara Hills Hyd

recent hyderabad trip analysys



DrOpping Gta; To tpt; lingampally stn exposure; meeting gta relatives; attending reception; flex  printers dta; Airtel 4 g activation; whats app chat development; twitter ids of ranigunj;

Recent Hyd trip devlpments;
Image result for family acceptanceImage result for smart phone coverImage result for visiting cards holder

Image result for new bike tyreImage result for l&t metroImage result for hopeImage result for cinchImage result for year best horse betsdata
Image result for new clientsImage result for visiting cards holder

Image result for stomach painImage result for 2 lakhs crores

Image result for funding and teamImage result for funding and team

Faster growth Rate 

Image result for telugu velugu
Image result for hunter bat

1.20 srS station coverage; took new data;
2.vehicle service& lock; seat Cover; 
visits to
Image result for priya pickles

d w pages  seen;
3.Rx cinches; hope;
4.Team and Funding needed  must;
Image result for vehicle lockImage result for unicorn bike seat cover

Image result for new areaImage result for land

5.Blog organised further;
6.New araial exposure; New adda at chanda anagar; Gtas sisters family getting closer;
Image result for srimanthuduImage result for temple visit

Image result for renewed

7.had face renewed at sros;dw;plus new clients from DW; most o the income gone for expenses;

8.jdvf;and chanda nagar file;new visiting cards; regular  Et lost?

Image result for fastest growth rate

9.Few needy things like; mat.pillow;broom stick; ration  Bed etc; Hunter bat;

10.Smart phone storage increased;
11.How ksv grown; met cheng; Kiran: galli Guys; Kishore; Met kalyan family; kalyan Dynamics;

12.pride &prejudice; Srimanthudu;
13.some shirts;
14.gtas property seen; ideas install; Leaflet distribution Idea;
Image result for shirts
Image result for smart phone storage
16.jd is powerful by over 3000 times;
Image result for fish and prawnImage result for fish curry

17.points crossed 2 lakh;
Image result for new ideas
18.d w data crossed 600

19.themobilestore money; Visiting cards holder; another cards holder; 300 new  visitng cards;
Image result for 600
Image result for visiting cards holder
21.1 new g plus id;

22;Smart ph cover; dish; prawn dish;
More areas known; suraram Prashant;sri lakshmi lodge;
apna code got;bharat Dw;
whats app marketing?
Vilekhari out grown due to google maps activation;Image result for themobilestore
Image result for whats app marketing
vilekhari traffic ranks began grow again;

Kiran shake hand effect;

Image result for scissorsImage result for firm shake handImage result for google plus
sri kalyana manadapam leaflet distribution idea;
Narsingi lakshmi idea;

Image result for srinivasa kalyanam

Image result for door matsImage result for travel bagsImage result for travel bagsvImage result for banians

 narayanaguda ifsl code; sbi in 0003086

Image result for nail cutterImage result for ponds powderImage result for pillow coversImage result for toilet chairImage result for new dress pant and shirtImage result for xerox printsImage result for harpic,Image result for latrine cleaning acidImage result for papadsImage result for food serviceImage result for massageImage result for toothbrush and pasteImage result for towelImage result for human mixtardImage result for narayanaguda  lodgeImage result for insulin needlesImage result for original vel race cardImage result for petrolImage result for whisky imperial blue


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