Thursday, August 27, 2015

27th aug 2015

After many days full rest at home; morning took some map prints from a bad cafe; nothing important to post than this for the day;

28th 2015; Long ride to medchal; and return; had temple visit with Gta at morning;

26th aug 2015

There was heavy noice near mytrivanam due to some construction wok;

Very late to field work; Met chengaiah; ksv; sysms msg for ac due recd; days expemses managed; tiresome return journey;INSATLL IDOLS IS days flash;severe back pain;dat and few posts to blog;recd 2 k from jana;night insulin dose missed; past life analysys continued;

life story;
 good breeding and managed education,exposure to city life; Books knowledge; followed by Jobs; shift to rx and drinks; travel advantage and later to internet biz;Upgraded to press; idols biz; rx bookie tip master;base of document writers; gtas entry;Camera;byke; smart phone;Google letters;what is not there is funding and team power;


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