Wednesday, August 26, 2015

pushes forward

Recent pushes to climb up;
1.Google letters 2.Renewals at hyd; 3.twitter.4.adwords by jana;5.Gta family support;6.syam.7.adsense.8.pen media letters. at hyd 13.Byke upgrade;
15.pen media letters; 16.Clubs; Nellore trip politics;sms;19.adsense.20 chinna.

22.Rx.23.Srn.24.ajay.prak;25.expansions; 26.Blogger.27.seenaiah.Gopal. 28.sekhar.29.nprabha. 30.raju.kamal; card.36.idols.37.rx eat.38.thalasi.39.munawwer.40.akheel.41.max.usha;Jobs; hostel life fathers support;

25th aug;2015

Another successful day after a slow start; c overed 3 stations; 3 success stories; Collected data on the way to field work;some other short cut road identified while coming back home;jdvf file created;exam pad purchased;again my blog is gaining ground;lunch missed;


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