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cell phone charging guy in tirupati

Gayathri Hospital Tirupati

Gayathri Hospital
877-2253714, 2228082
484, 485, V V Mahal Road, Tirupati - 517502,

Korlagunta Suppliers tirupati

Korlagunta Suppliers
877-2280294, +(91)-9393622299 20-2-678,
Tirupati Ho,  - 517501, Korlagunta Junction

Shri Pavan Traders tirupati

Shri Pavan Traders
8977723143, 8801858522
 Door No 19/3/3/A7, Renigunta Road, Tirupathi  517502,

iggest plywoods dealer in tirupati

apna engineers tirupati

7th August 2015

7TH  aug; 2015;
Night surprise visit by sai and chinna but had to drop them back; probelem at home solved; raghu lights and another mirroor guy closed and activated; took code from long pending smart mobiles; 4 g sim activated; 3 g plus new activations for the day; 3 days blog prints took; bouncer in the form of dead D W;

days idea is get connected with big e- com guys; called syam mama and known the things; stats checked;

8TH  Aug 2015;
SEEN MAPS LISTINGS OF SOME PLACES;KDAPA;GOLLAPALLI; gained confidence again;morning checked g plus activations so far from tirupati;17 cards collected from fields without closing; Most of the pending pics loaded;stats checked;depression due to no communication from others;Gtas massge many times;milk gone in morning and owners help;food factory tv show;

9th august 2015;
 during morning read back many old blog posts from smart phone; seen google maps in night for some time; dookudu movie jokes; cards organised at home;radiating heat unbearable;

10th august 2015;
managed field work and alghani closed;and onother 8 calls managed and retired; evening read back old posts and took many prints;

Raghu Lights Tirupati

Raghu Lights Tirupati

Raghu Lights -9959498201
124/D, Leela Mahal Road,
Korlagunta, Tirupati - 517501, 


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