Sunday, July 05, 2015

my home tpt & pending

3 rd july 2015

3 rd july 2015;
Today  had to post lot of pending pics  so morning session to cafĂ© and managed many of them later evening managed other pending works ;Heat continued ; MRP rates helped; night sleep disturbance continued and so leg pains;  syam is missing again; Suneetha and chinna called; 1 ref regertion entry closing for the day; tie up again with kmalakar; 40 post cards purchased detailed to kamal  over a sitting; todpadu and  Gta too helped for cards; g plus letters have touched 180;

Posted pics to google and edted few entries; 3 days pending blog posts managed; cherry aqua maps letter recd and activated; 10  g plus activations managed for the day;

4 th july 2015;;saturday;
Days field calls;
1.jeeva;2.murali cars;3.gds pics; 4.bill book work; 5.endoring work o kamalakar;6.tyres guy;
38 cards posted;  heat continued;days info;
hashtag;veggykart;peppertap;yebhi news; future of mobile users in india; no net day and activations too;
3 dailies for the day;


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