Sunday, June 21, 2015

20th June 2015, saturday

Night fetched 2 payments; seen yoga episode on discovery; 43 codes to collect at tpt;morning back support and foot  pad purchased; posted 2 days pending blogs;  10 g plus editings did; whats spare each day to count on has emerged(migulu).

Sangeetha mobiles  has 350 stores;2 months 2014 blog prints took; growth stoppers identified; team is must now;viccolabs is mine; ksv called; tweeted ;met silpa;smart ph bis behavoior;pics posted; new hope again from g pics prints analysys;

Speech and hearing centres in kadapa

Madhu Speech&Hearing Centre
9704456002, 9948447072 7 Roads Circle,
Cuddapah Ho, Kadapa - 516001, 


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