Sunday, May 31, 2015

30th may 2015

30 th may saturdas post;
190 th day;

Evening took swift progress with Gta; byke mirroor; night wear shopping; 3 gplus codes got acivated; sent courier; morning sent 25 posta letters; Morning closed one fast foods entry; Ajays  cheque recd ; major progres of the day is  2 rubber stamps work; some prints took; seen korla gunta kalyana mandapam; paid  5 th instalment of a/c; shown balji stationaery guys; uneasy in evening due to sweat; supraja called;

31 st may last day;

had fish; evening with gtas help posted 3 postal mails; Call from RKN abt googles letter; SRN called; I called jana; Monday planned; Summer seems to have gone; points crossed 11 crore pointer; 4 dailies scan; massage;narrow road at karakambadi now ; r r colony hospitals seen; Apes movie seen; Depression due to no calls; eye coloring;  back pains;


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