Friday, May 29, 2015

28th may 2015

28th MAY 2015;
 Began postal mailers work at home;Some kind of delay; ( had to attend syams request and meet syam mama visited his home)
later managed to do 5 calls in field; tried for rubber stamp work in vain; byke mirror work completed; night few more addresses prints took; clash avoided in night; lof of things arranged for home; et gave good knowledge; ads in eenadu;

29THMAY 2015;
Morning finally managedtopost 25 postal mailers;SPENT LONG TIMEWITH JANA AT HIS OFFICE DUE TOHEAVY HEAT KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGED; Calledajay ent fromthere;No field calls for the day; Alc and depression; Blog posted janas office;nellore;tpt branch addresses kept; 50 more envolopes purchased; At traffic signals to be bit more careful;


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