Monday, May 25, 2015

24th may 2015

24th may 2015;

Sono closed. paper ads reviewed; Spent long time with syam mother; boredom at home afternoon;
Ganga Jatara missed; Some data from called; refil collected;amazon delivery boys are 7 000.
points touched all time high 12 lakh;Durga and Chinna called;

Monday; 25 th may 2015;
Byke miorror removed; One ad seen in dailies of one mobile shop launching and he is klnown to me and closed this entry; By mistake deleted few pictures from mobile;pwer outrage at afternoon in home and trouble faced;Stats checked; google map listing of hyd guy seen;points hit 14 lakh;

26th may 2015; Tuesdy
Cherry aqua got; school mailers work dint progress at all; Heat disturbance continued even for the dy;Rkn keywords prints took; 2 g plus letter took and activated;ajay ent followup did;

Nakshatra mobiles tirupati

Nakshatra Mobiles
12-3-217/a opp Nokia care

Tilak Road.Tirupati
Opened on 25th may 2015.


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