Saturday, May 16, 2015

11th may onwards

11 th may

called balaji;
read AC manuala again;

12 th may
syam came home;8 fiels calls did;may 12 th managed;payments from sex doc;RKN; ixigoguys call recd;Met Supraja; johnson PRO; key words of other ctogeries known;ganga Jatara byke trouble;some problem in google plus activation had;

13 th may 2015;

Field work with ramoji continued;guiding light complaint; ads for ganga jatara seen;
loded ridhima and 7 colors;Chinnas call to meet t Bus stand;rtc bus strike continued;

14 th may 2015;
 rain havoc work disturbed; syams reassurance;
acticated water plant;ramoji to home;caterer and dhyana sai gplus ctivated;Delhi reference;
thnk you g plus again;Gta morning body pains;Cool day; rise of points;

15th may 2015;
1 lakh plus points ; 3 closings; Morning seen may news dailies ads;


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