Sunday, April 12, 2015

10th April friday 2015 post;

FDriday; 10th April;
 Got up early by 5 am and seen prints history on hand;
By night friends pics prinouts on hand; 140 day at Tpt;kalyanam english letter further advanced; Donors idea; Lucky closing of 3 entries for the day;  2 pending photo studio; taekwando; gave tpt yellow pages prints for binding; long cell ph chat with Syam; kamals call recd; Gtas massage;

11th april 2015 post;

141 st day at TPT;
3 entries of yesterdays booking have been activated; and also managed 10 plus field calls; again new stock arrived at syams shop and had and offer to sell them; has 2 positives for the day; Chemist shop and book shop; agan depression at night due to cash levels; Gtas beakdown at night;
verified button of g plus seen; powe outrage at cafe; tyr puncture menace managed;


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