Saturday, January 10, 2015

6th 7th;8th; 9th dec 2015

VDM:Mobiles; gangotri; cars; v super market; Decors Sleepwell;
With Ramoji to srinath beds; Honda; Renault;
plus 7 letters;4 SMS;Hardware reddy; Fishes guy said yes;

th jan; ^ letters;; Vooka sucess;

Ratnakar pawar;Saravanan media manager;parth dental;So calls analysysi to be 274 calls;
called  narsimha,Jayram reddy; days field calls to be 10;

8 th ramraj display; pasuparthys success;Texmo;letters tojoy alukkas;malabar;; Hollywood met;SV digital;Rejected kamalakars call;Socks purchased; Met Gpi;; Followup of Both;

gas;Cafe tpt;
Both followup;
Plus 5 mailers;
16 SMS; by gta;


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