Friday, December 26, 2014

26th Dec ;2014

Nice visiting cards for Pen Media got from old stock; posted 5 days pending blogs; FM Radio songs enjoyed; analysed recent past; Bitter criticism by Ramoji; Yesterdays courier holiday was surprise; One success story evolved yesterday plus kalyana mandapam;; Ads retrieved and filing did yesterday night is another pus point; edited ram tulasi again; night sleep problem;
Alexa ranks  have further fallen down;

Field work continued with ramoji afetr a small indifference;
flo stories have continued;
candan; Surgicals; Hospitals; vooka; KFC: visit to godown also failed;Regalia;mayura;restaurant; final jolt at HP; fridaysentiment;

27th satyrday 2014;
Business Directory idea

New letters for the day are;
1. MRF vtyres; Srinivasul reddy
3.Honda; equipment;
Others calls for the day;

3.& spa;

kal mandapam;
Hotel Sindhu;
Stock point;
Totally 12 calls and 2 success stories have emerged;

Night Dookudu movie enjoyed; Nice food at morning; garelu;Pulihora; Buscuits to Dogs;


 20th Dec  sat day;
Rama tulasi closed; Buying spree later; 3 acharis met; posted 5 days pending blogs posts;

21 st Dec; 2014; nest issue planning did; Again buying spree for home;
fish; dangerous byke fall; empty boxes vacated from home;

22nd Monday;
spg systems;infoworld; Got back cheque; met TMbank manager; 2 hours net loaded entries; Gta typed data; Some of Pen Media letters kept;

23 Dec;2014; tuesday;
Sent cheque to hyd; Work with kamalakar letters given to few more; value mall success story;

24 th dec; 214;
With ramoji letter work began; sucharita; godown known;vooka etc; big purchase of rice for home by Gta;
25th; dec; 2014;
secon day work with ramoji; 11 calls did;


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