Sunday, December 07, 2014

7th dec;sunday 2014;

Relief after Gtas  top up; again walked long; took hyd rx book; Mistakes in life need to be checked; Almost 50 plus kgs books etc sold; attempt at rx again successful; packing guys came and gave estimation; syam met at night;

5th and 6th December posts

5th dec;Friday;

late work with kmlakar has fetched 2 closings and 2 positives; Boarded train in night had nice sleep this time;

6th; Dec;2014;

Saturday; reached Hyderabad  in time; Quickly activated few things; Told for gas to hostel guy; paid Tata Photon released jewel; No Byke on hand is abiggest set back; Success story at RX; Night Syam met had long discussions with him;
Told about shifting to seenaiah and meesala guy; heavy body pains throught the day; One enq for t ids is new hope again;


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