Thursday, November 27, 2014

27th November; 2014;

Vacated  from Reddy Bhavanam and shifted entire luggage to new house now after 10 days we are independent with new home and shelter; had another boost from alexa global rank by 13 k advancement while indian ranks stagnated; purchased mat and pillows; moeny is fast going out of hands needs are many; tried to buy FM Radio in vain; Day slightly planned; kamalakar kept in contact; without furniture its very difficult to live; seen ols listings printouts;

Purchased news papers from out side update with ET continued;  tweeted after 10 days; lot of ads seen in eenadu and need to contact them faster;
Field work did at Renigunta and chandragiri earliar contacts saved had exposure of hotels at both laces; data collection continued; night met syam; had; Byke lights problem 2 of them gone; Tried to meet gopal; called MK;

Ultimatum had to renue tata photon;
vacating from HYD is another issue;

25th,26th Nov posts

25th november 

Secret style and shilpi payments recd; so headed for new visiting cards design and printing at old frind he had the old design surpricing one; Gta purchased small gas stove at night and few steel items; at reddy Bhavan shifted to anther room;New pen;Morning shown lot of key words to GTA spent long time at Reddy Bhavan;Known about kadapa and Tirupati hotel listings;

26th november;

Morning with Gta had arial survey near mangalam and seen one water tank; few things shifted to new home; kamalakar perfomed Puja with slokas at home; Lot of things had to be purchased;  Had Dosa at reddy & reddy colony; Syam mama gave one laminated photo for puja; Morning listed total earnings in the current trip;

new visiting cards received at night; had one payment but that was not at sufficient;few more needs purchased; tols about athe new house joining to most of family members; met Munawwer;syam called in the night;


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