Tuesday, November 18, 2014

18th November 2014

Day planned; Bit relaxed day; Vehicle booking is the only tention; called Akka and  Bawa known things; So main contacts are alerted; Told the paper guy; Un easy due to after-math of the overnight dosage;
locksheel took into fold; 
As usual ET gave very useful information on startups so tweeted it;

17th November;2014 monday

Nothing is in our hands look how the things have rogressed;  Had Hair cut and color during the wait checked contacts; Dopped Cheque;Things go quite unexpected way; After followup call to shah he gave yes nod so rushed there; Called Munawwer and his trips known. One t ID treefurnplaza; jolts continued at Rx end but missed one chance; Seen tpyp seems to be promising; Gold loan again; called jana; enquired camera repair in vain;

By evening train tickets confirmed; sudden surprise chengaiah came; Followup things have continued; chandra gave positive signabout lodge; Murali  also positive;Purchased tables and few needed things alte night; arguments galore and as a result dosage crossed beyond limits;Told Narsing;Dress press managed; Chat with suneetha and chinna; Pressure from Beam guys; Had rim top up; Must quickly buy airtel new number;

Vetuku issue plan emerged; No improvements on web consolidation for the day;


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