Sunday, November 16, 2014

17th November; Monday plans;

Drop the Cheque;
Travel plans;
See Tpt help line;

16th November 2014;

After Chandras call things started to move up; syam called; At Rx  Who is threat is new point; luckily fast food guy gave money so the day went ahead smoothly; Tickets enquiry did;sent SMS to Syam; Called Sunnetha; Murali; Kamalakar; Filled cheque;

15th November friday 2014

Lot of add ups to existing Document writers entries; Adilabad,atp,Kurnool,Kolkata,kakinada,Warangal,Khammam,chittoor,Villages in SROs in  Hyderabad but they are yet to be spidered; Due to heavy work at home missed field work; At night D W writers current standing in the state checked;


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