Saturday, October 25, 2014

days leftover?

1!.Prepare RX:
Ok 10 Races for the day;

MAM sudden fav? No
blazing tracks; No
3 olds vs 4 old; No
level weights; No
Mody Srinath;
Altmash Shah;
Same Jockey wins?Ok Won;
Fai fav?;Yes
See odds; Trackeagle tips;
Same Distance :Main cinlec;
Investments on hand? Ok;

sat day winners again;
130 days; govt; 
Sadar hungama;
number upper cases;
2@.Dosage;  ??
3#.BUY Razor;
4$.Watch ETV news;@ ( PM;

5%.>call GTA;
6^Sunday Call satish Prasad; 

Monday 27th October;

 Meet miror; and nearest renewals; and do Viseo; Buy camera cells;
5 days left for the month to go;
Narsing will provoke again to handle him with cool tempo; wait;
Consolidations new calls and videos;

(54321 00000)
October closings; consolidations;
begin Video seo work;

sundays plan; 26th october;

How th day turn out?
Whats the future plan?
Mondays plan;
Rx decicions;
Consolidations pls;
Retrieve 5 and 5 t url redirect pls; Minimum; 
To cooly face narsings attack;

25th Oct;2014;

Mails sent to1.videocon and got quick reply
6. Friday blog posted;
7.Day planned;
8.Rx card Seen;
This time to members enclosure seen very less crowd  there; yet another new point is 3 old is better thyan 4 ; Got back Gold ring and gave it to Gta she left to her sistes place; Narsings poking continued; That reply from KK is some what relief; need to check; Both the gods have gone away from me;
; No calls to cell and no messages even is worrying point; Missed a beautiful chance to greet friends and people;for D


24th October 2014 post post Diwali day

Throughut the day felt quite uneasy with body pains to some extent Gta massage saved; Unable to do  calls in the field  as next day of Diwali  most of the shops were closed; Night seen some of the crockery shops are opned and people burning crackers; After watching videos at google new confidence gained for future work;

Episode at Rx failed as no no cash on hand had to rushed to Manappuram again that produced some uneasy moments at home at night; Set back of Rx is clarified and another  chance missed due to sleep; First time  my blog has reached below  4 lakh barrier and this is good news;


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