Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sri Durga ladies emporium amberpet hyderabad

 Sri Durga ladies emporium amberpet hyderabad

Sri Durga ladies Emporium

laces,patches,Hangings,BanglesCosmeticsimitation jewellery,matching centres, tops,leggings,sarees,tops,Sarees,Tailoring,Maggam Work,Mehindi designs.

address; 2-3-692/1/B/1  Near Ali cafezinda tilismat road,Amberpet. Hyderabad.13.


23 rd Diwali day;

 try again to pay electricity bill;
Recaharge RIM:

send sms s ; so recharge;
what abt Rx? So Buy Rx Books;

22nd October Wednesday day post;

Manged to go to paper vendor took Eenadu and ET very exiting about trusted Brands of India . Greeted gta birthday; Her office collegues came and gave Birthday gifts gave them hints for business develeopment; Called syam and had his assurance;

later started main developments for the day with Byke wash; Had to visit Gtas office again;
Field work fetched one closing; few bouncers; had 2 commitments; Ashok chai guy; Managed to pay electricity bill and RIM top up; Chcolates distribution parampara to galli children and othrs; Had chat with banana vendor and Meesalu guy known few more facts;  shopping did for Diwali;Seen ramdas movif at night; reply had from videocond2h;

Had the funding from Gta for electricity paymnt but servr problem?An article about influence of  Social media in Hotel industry comment gave new life; Had the vehcle washing;
VanasthaliPuram;  lb nagr;  sarror nagar; Updates expnsesdiary and daily calls diary; series of Unxpcted vents for the day;  There was no out going so had to go to Gtas office;
Lot of things were sold on roads; chennai t nagar article;


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