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shoppersastopJuly 03, 2003

2003;nelloreone|prakasmtimes|some what got consolidated| Entered to Media press support began; issues of nelloreone; mostly at Nellore; INR; Padmakar Reddy help; LIC Sudha Help;
Giris help; Kiran; SRN introduced;  5 issues of nelloreone; 


January 2004

Engadget January 23, 2004 October 09, 2004
 engadget2004-06-04 vJanuary 23, 2004; 14-Feb-2004.

2004; gopals 40 k;(ad sense income) further got consolidated; Office at sai krishna complex; Bramha reddy; banners for; TV; HDFC loan; Styams help; idols ads; etc;


July 25, 2002
November 08, 2002

Classical Act.


At chennai;jaybaul;and other team;
Rx idols; Chanting boxes team of boys mailers; small leflets distribution et
Noble Openion, Littleover



2001:nelloretimes: (nprabhakar) madhu design; Nellore lodge stay; pauls help; classifieds at nellore; shravan design;

2001:nelloretimes: (nprabhakar)

1992-93- 94,1995

cam corder 1992 

Flying Brave;Bugs Bunny (Bangalore, 1992)Astonish, DIAMANTAIRE. Astounding

1992|max india|nellore|RX|pedigree investments|many books|

1992 ,93,1994,1995 best life in career; with delhi trips; Product knowledge; Kvn; ranbay guy; Rama chandra got introduced;  Byke;

1994;max india (Ush)
1995 max india|menarin1995-12-14

 Super Brave (1994)

1995-07-29 -

Max india;
Balaji nagar

1994;Super Brave" (1994)

ADLER (Hyderabad,  

1992.Flying Brave;Bugs Bunny (Bangalore, 1992)Astonish; DIAMANTAIR. Astounding

29th september 2014

Both of Us got up very late due to late sleep overnite;Exitement due to yesterdays events; another beggar in line; tweeted ;  apreciated yesterday arrangements;dropped gta; Retrieved 2007,2008 nellore entries and edited few of them; Brought delhi rx book this time;

Retrieved few more movies again; Good news jana has renued NT; T ids Count and mailed them with edited new mail; gta called; Submitted Nt to google search;


Indigo 2006

 and Southern Empire (2007)

Mostly at Bangalore; Vijayamma lodge; later shifted Sampangi ramnagar;

Posted regular  selctions of racetimes blog for 2 years;
Bihari guy Raju; Owners Son;
March 21, 2006

2006| micro first order of 10 lakhs| no surplus for the year| bangalore book; back to Nellore; Room  bangalore;


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