Wednesday, September 17, 2014

17th sept; agadu; no stopping

 Even after Rx setback and very late work  got   5 yes nods  bearings;satday; tent for tommorow; Ropes; even electrical guy said Ok;
urstruelymahesh tweets read; Lot of R&D at home; Hosierykart;rajeshexports into fold; Tweets of Titanic hero also read; favoring seen;
Another stunning set back only for further strenghened at RX; going for the first time distance;
Lot Of twitter reasearch did for the day; nest 2 days rx books on hand;
seen moneycontrol listings and known top companies of India to try for lupinworld; 1 video for the day;
 Can fundoodata of 59 000 companies of India be used?
yourstory had 23 185  startups into fold;
3 crore companies in usa;
15 lakh companies in india; money in hand and advertisement are basics for growth; Flipkart has improved global ranks to89; Clear cut planning for future to target big cities has emerged in mind; few more entries posted  dumping work;

6.delhichamber; can it work?

known that FB  login needs an email or phone;


over all growth for the day;
company chambers;  fundoo executive data;7 t ids; 1 video;1 rx point; 5 yes nods; some data dump to blog;

16th september release function of govindudu andari vadele

seen audio release news on jyothi coverage; Morning setback call from joshi guy; Nice interaction with news paper vendor; xatonline had into fold; 7740;  seen some prmising calls at field; had one lucky closing; Rain havok for some time; Stayzilla funding news and their standing; 16000 hotels;1100 towns;
after coming back loaded videos and  seen many things on wikipedia;  Indian top cities seen; during the work found tough time to oprate through whatsapp; seen yspages; aplites web site seen;Tweeted;

At night felt hungry and arranged things very faster; 1.refils2.;vegitables3.;needles;4.Rx book;5.gta2 reacharge;6.razor; 7.Chocolate Tea powder;Most important thing being early to home is wikipedia knowledge and seen almost 20 plus current standings plus posted few listings;


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