Saturday, August 09, 2014

9th august saturday post;

 Had Temple Visit later tiffen  with Gta at Swathi restaurant basheerbagh; white pant damage still success;  Took 4 ; Decided to buy Smartphone; Poonawala breeders Million run mount was available at evens but missed it after this total confusion; problem at cafe to load videos;

Had feeb ack from kondal rao about Talasani srinivas Yadav shifting to TRS; Now i can expect  faster growth; Temting kora mithai had to be tasted;

Smiley version arriaved but failed many times; new armoury by night with smart phone on hand now over excitement of gta need to checked again;

8th August friday post; zeera;zeelakarra vs saajeera problem;

 Had hair cut and color due to pressure at home; bad tiffen puri near Gtas office; Late to field did only 3 calls and had 1 closing; later at Rx owners engagement point noted;  3rd floor exposure; Morning Gtas initiation for smart phone noted;

met owner aunty and had pleasantaries; Still money crunch on hand;


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