Wednesday, May 28, 2014

29th thursday;

Morning captures;pics;***
Must finish leaflet work;at any cost;***
Mynellore consolidation;**
Movie gift to Gta; check placements;***
**FP;10 sit outs pls;
***few calls; @ field;
buy eggs and DC;
Black color;
29th may thursday record:
As per plan no morning pics capture but field work managed;
Again scanned back last 6 years blog; eggs purchased;
illan nagamallareddy ranks first in google for my blog is new news; FP 4 sitouts completed;

Morning tubing(stats kept in  many new ids) Work did anyway; one closing and 3 videos took from field;
GCP called this time; Thanks to Kishore;new leaflet got ready; purchased papers too; took master and gave to printer;

28th may back to home post

major break throughs of the day;

1.Back to home with normal health;*******
2.helmet purchased;***
3.paid land and net bill;**
4.Edited leaflet matter;***
5.Discussion with Prasad; to consolidate 3 districts;*****
Ph calls;
6.baawa;gcp;dhana;choti; 21,22,23
7.Loaded all gollapalli pics and videos; posted all pending blogs; plus 50 plus;

That narayana guda flyover board;dresses;another one;

gollapalli jatara muddalu trip picturews

Subbarayudus son and grand daughetr

Nanubala subbarayudu host for us this time

Kokkanti ramanaiah shies away for a pic

Balaji brotther


Narasimhulu chennai

Minam pitchaiah famliy

building in gollapalli


gangamma  idols

 darjipally erikilaiah

Gangamma  out side statue

Murthy chennai


sanjeevulu once strongest man became feeble now

once fittest person now deceased

satteiah oldest person of village

Darji palli friend

24th sat day 25th may 26th,and 27th may;

25th May;
Called Rx Rama chandra; prasad; Decided togo to gollapalli for jatara; night boareded bus after long wait from Kachiguda;

25th may sunday:muddalu day;
Reached Rajampaet by 8 30 am boredom during journey; AT home spent nice  time there with family members till after noon  took blessings of Mother after touching moms feet ;  Had to suffer a lot to buy Duracell Batter at rajampet;By afternoon boarded bus to Ontimitta from there reached Gollapally; attended jatara took pictures lot of pictures this plus a video clip; Narasimhulu chennai details about gandla;
Me Mom and krishnaveni sister

Dhana,gta,mom and sister

Suneetha added sisters daughter

Night Balaji hungama and party continued; trouble began at night vomittings due to poor water and heat;
With much trouble managed night; gta service was awesome; Nice treatment by Subbarayudu Family entire Family woked hard;

26th morning;
With Bujji ;gta started to proddatur tough travel with Huge luggage Bujji somehow managed ; But heat and journey further took on health totally collased  by reaching prodaatur;took rest whole day with only liquid diet; Good care by Bawa and family; Calls continued from akka ,Dhana and mama;

Whole day rest again; Took some liquid and solid food by night slightly recovered; chinna pullaih met brought Narial pani;; By night took A/C bus to hyd reached home by 5.30 am;This time cool journey without any problem;


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