Tuesday, May 13, 2014

13th April post

Got up bit early in the morning met news paper vendor;mynellore  blog pics edited from cyber cafe; Long ride to rajendra nagar one success story there; Unable to work in the field lot of time wasted; New idea of vedeos emerged strongly;

shields guy old man met; No incoming calls at all;
KSV met in morning had long chat and his collegue also met;
some stats seen; Gave note to neibourhood boys; Bit planning did for counting bundh; biplex forte tablets purchased;

12th may

Lot of tasks completed today without much stress; Wire transfer submitted to google being the first success need to see how fast that transfer can take place; paid electric bill; Purchased new memory card for camera;
Took neibour RKs help for byke transfer but agent asked huge price; later in a hurry came back home and transfered amount to Gta s due to someone; Call from nellore sewing machines guy had to be solved;

Then attempt at begumpet fetched so paid net and  land bill came home;While coming back had accident it gave disturbance yet quickly managed and got it repaired; Brought back Gta next disturbance at home again; watched IPL game and slept;


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