Monday, May 12, 2014


banthi pulu near narayanaguda hyderabad

on festive occations flowers are in much demand in Hyderabad

12 may Monday

U I;

***adsense work SBI;
***Veh transfer work;
***Camera repair;
**Pay Electri bill;
**Pay land line and Net bill;
FP: 5 plus;
Veh stand;

11th April 2014

Reached home by 7 am; It looked bit different atmosphere  but after each trip its common it takes some time to get back to normalcy; its not much hot even in May month in Hyderabad; Had to work to keep the things and files  of trip in order at home  ok anyway;

after morning chat with gta had  hot spicy chicken lunch had b rest felt bit relaxed by evening; As usual unwelcoming guest narsing poked in and inquired about trip perhaps pressure had began for money with hungry looks as hes always; Alexa traffic ranks have improved further; Hiper   Electric bill gave a surprise;

Decided to go for Joy ride of the city with Gta and seen neclace road and nearby  places and Tankbund area finished with paradise chai and egg puff seen many hyderabadis enjoying sunday Byke gave smooth ride and looked fit after shining it;  On roads traffic was not much so ride was smooth; May be in next ride we think of  real fun;

Night seen tough fighting IPL match of roals; Some kind of uneasy throught the day; Most of the day spent chating about the trip to Nellore with Gta;
Monday will be very hectic need to see how many i can achieve;

seenaih and ramachandra have called but  no call from kamal;


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