Wednesday, April 16, 2014

16th april dr vinay party ffice near rtc x roads;

People at dr vinay party office

Morninh Zaminryot scanned;Scanned 7 dailies as usual;Cats meanace again;Lost temper again with GTA;T Congress list got finally;loaded yesterdays entry;posted blog;few more ids added; called prasad,and satish;KSV called this time;Surprise call from gajanand;

Doctor vinay party office seen and people met his son parmesh prema met there; Web sites of TDP and ysrcp ,Congress seen;Again seen one year blog; Lot of pending things completed from cafe; prints took from cafe; Flower pots kept  to avoid Cats menace;

15th April

hectic money crunch unable to bear with it added to it is problem at home; No currency to use cell phone; No call from satish and KSV; despite all this came out from setbacks just by initiation; Heat and rush on roads with safron flags crowds;Coffee had on credit;Another confusion is google blocked few ids; Tried to get list from T congress but they were very busy;

New client got from Redhills seen his rings and wishes few other there; Suprise shops at RR were opened;


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