Monday, April 14, 2014

15th april 2014 post

list of t congress to get; seemanadhra  ysrcp and TDPlist will come out;
 some prints to get from cafe of renewals; start following again of K;
Team up;

14th april 2014

Morning call received from kamal called him back;Why net is pretty speed today is it due to holiday?Morning when checked adsense income has reached $190 dollars good hope;Morning shock given to  coffe guy;

Raju met near Sudha hotel in the morning had his feedback un expected one :purchased insulin plus needles for me;had heavy Tiffen of Dosas at home but poor chutney;Help from GTA and Kishore had for the day one from petrol and another for diesel;Gajanand said why theres no call to him later called moses and met son of Muta gopal still uncertainity to get project;

Most of the day blocked Congress mla contestants from  andhra region also kept code in all of them;
 lists from TRS,YSRCP,TDP got thanks to Govind rao; crossed blocking 50+ blog ids will they help really?
Abedkar jayanthi celebrations seen at tankbund; narsings room seems to be filled; Satish non co operation continued for yet another day;

Papers sold; thanks to fellow ppls help to find out YSRCP office;Called satish;govind rao;One book took from TRS office; at TDP office met one old man who is he?

13th April sunday post

Dropped Gta; Finally all cash on hand evoporated now the real story begins; Conituned id reservation work;Attended rx;KSV called;2013,15,16,17,18, g mail blogs checked; Gta helped with another email id lekharimama;


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