Thursday, April 10, 2014

10th april post

 8 news papers scanned again; kept important sheets;Morning when i checked where was i in april 2013 found some hopeful of blog listings can be tried;

Feedback had from Gta on my blog;met ksv and few calls  in same area; Met other press guys near elite; On return met Govind rao  known few more things; later met satish and called gajanand and known number of Mutaa gopal he gave appointment; Kodad seat confirmed for Dhanraj friend;

Gta requested for Ghati with Mirchi cant be fulfilled;Evening kept stats code in latest created blogs;

9th April last day for nominations

Huge sounds in opp house at morning;manged 8 news paper haul they must have given lot of insight;Thanks to Way2sms sent sms to satish,Dhanraj,called venkatesh Tpt,Niranjan called gaja; biggest advantage was with Byke managed to cover lot of distance that include,metamorph,rally of muta gopal,Golkonda SRO office 3 success stories there one commitment and one new reference;

One the way nomination rallies rush seen; Confidence gained after meeting metamorph guy;Ksav kept in touch;Finally gave photos to shereya and in return received one email id and seen rina response etc;reservation of blog ids parampara continued in 2 sessions; Thank god some what cool day so managed work with byke on hand; One the way back byke gave trouble but soon managed it;

By night rebels problem heard; death news of Tiger narendra; Final lap is contributed few things to home;Good news is some one watched blocked id thanks to statscounter; Due to overload night things went haywire;

News papers gave jumpers data jangalapalli srinivasulu;nomula narsaiah;; Known that Fb has 10 cr user base in india which ranks 2nd after US and 80% are from Smart phones;Morning GTA funded for Telma-h tablets; Known that in my camera i can record 16 minutes of Vedeos; Another thing known from News paper is Responsibility of any individual; Whats that telugu sainyam?
managed tweets and followers;


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