Tuesday, April 08, 2014

8th april;2014

 Many ids  reservation parampara  contd from morning by night on TV seen jumping japangs and TV coverage; no field work due to Sri rama Navami;cash levels continued to go down but KSV called and told abt new club; new point from wikeleaks;Prints of political leader blocked from 5 ids took from the cafe and did R&D on them;Gave pics for printing finally; suffered with power cuts at evening; Another shocker was shoba yatra bandobast narsing Helped it anyway; By night most of the parties announced their candidates; Managed to buy WOW and skimmed through it;
Morning took insulin and evening purchased Overan tablets;
TV back in home; throught the day felt alone as no one called me; This time put extra petrol for byke;

7th april 2014

Ksv met at night known abt Sreekanth; Had small party with Gta collegues;photo session;Shreyas pressure is mounting; Called few ppl;Thanks to opp deepa one email cell phone based had in the morning so i could continue aspirants names; manged to edit social media mail further had it xeroxed later distributed to most of BJP guys but no return yet they are busy in their own things;

met SMS guy  at bajara hills and he gave good information and hope now it looked whats needed;Night in a frustation called many people over phone;Moosapet SRO gave one refenrence;


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