Friday, April 04, 2014

5th april 2014 Saturday post

Again analysed latest developments;Morning in Jyothi one add seen about Voice messages follow up did even at night;Edited letter with the help of DTP lady got it xeroxed  distributed twice and had a real dent this time got introduced to many  BJP cadre had nice eye opener took some cell phone numbers too; Byke trouble had to set it right mechanics head ache also seen; suggestion from Kishore was good one; Night Gta too joined in deveoloping letter fuether;TRS first list came out;

Days shockers were Kiran and Goving dint lift phone; night called Prasad;Cash levels have further more dropped to all time low; Except Sankyo no incomings to my cell; many of them are not lifting the cell calls;

may get list of confirmed  from leading  party offices;
My leaflet must be ready; with printout;
still more reserve AS MANY contestants;
I may need revenues for survival;
What will be incoming calls?
What abt ATV deal?
Suresh may re join:

4th april friday post!

Morning got up and straight to work and congress aspirants blog names resrved and kept code;Most of TRS list of MLA  seat aspirants came out only in eenadu so i started reserving them on blogger;Suresh was not present on his desk; had word with Kiran and Kishore and lekhariblogger id ; No field work; 1 hour work from cafe and reserved  few more ids from there; Not keeping leg pads told the issue;Dropped Gta anyway; petrol poured;

days income came from chikkadpally  source after long wait; Segregated Social media press coverage tags;

No incoming calls except sankyo  had nice chat surprising whats the future anyway;

3rd march post

 Morning seen  7 dailies plus 2 magazynes; Vittal came and gave cash;Attended 2 party offices; met Govind rao spent very long time there; Few ph attempts did in vain; A TV deal developed;Delhi Rx\book ; Rx Dates satday and Sunday; Confusion of satish attitude; With Govind rao proces off campaign known;


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