Sunday, March 23, 2014

23 rd march sunday;

News paper watch at morning managalagiri capital news ; morning again r&D did on top blog ids on hand etc and listed out again need to sut them again;Decided to skip  days mumbai Rx and that has fetched to spend long time at home; Cleaned vehicle this time Jodi work and neibours interaction comment of Rina moms  was avesome RKs suggestions took into count;

Surprise visit of satish to my home spent long time with him activated his email  slowdown of Net was annoying called babu  chiran fort club guys  deatails visit plan to Zaheerabad his realty investment his bros details his sons etc known;Few of Sir names extracted called Prasad  called sudhakar numbers took;

Few more ids work continued for the day also kept stats code in blogs at night;Monday briefly planned; Shopping with gta at badi chowdi; Managed to post saturdays pending blog to post from cafe also seen harish Raos web site took print of political parties from cafe; many alexa ranks loaded to ranks page;

Chandra sekhars naidus call from tirupati was welcoming few more things about idols biz known; Lot of R&D did on Twitter  with GTas help worldwide ranks surprised to see Youtube and instagrams ranks;NatGeo;around 20 indians are also featuring in top 500;

22nd march 2014

Morning visited lord venkateshwara temple at Liberty centre but had arugemts on the way;On KSVs call attended a bank press meet later had discussion with him ;Cheque dint clear even at 4 th day; success at RX but betting still development; Days new point is when breeder is owner it mostly wins is the new hope;

Night removed contact details from Gtas blogs;FBS .in importance and new point known;Poor net at home;Said no to gta bring back;Social Media rticle on Jyothi saved;Night heat un bearable;


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