Friday, March 14, 2014

14th march

Stink of marjalams out side home is un bearable must do something; gave c to prk so weight reduced further; Rider must sit on track works before another betting is new point for the day; Met kishore and kiran; Contunued blocking parampara; Evening shopping did;

to rgister each blog name which iam registering is new idea of the day; summer further more catched up;

13th march thursday 2014 post

Good day after a sluggish uneasy start; Seen top 500 indian sites again ; Surprised with hits for track eagle bloglater checked my stats;Positive reply saved from S L diag; later in zippy met Y tv guys had appointment for Monday met two new guys; Good exchange and supportive feedback about flex printing had from kishore met boys there on top too; Had 1 hour stint at web cafe handled FTP from there edited few blogs from there;Thanks to Redhills;hope emerged from NCC and Butterfly; Calls to netsar and Kiran have failed; met asian carpets new guy and known few details; In ET flipkart info seen Importance of madhapur address and smart phone noted;Gta was busy in attending birthday at morning; Called a web developer of nanda;

Phone calls to Satish and prasad and metamorph and Syam were hope worthy; Cash request from GTA at night; enjoyed FM;Long chat with suneetha at night;


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