Monday, March 10, 2014

my docomo cell ph number k v ramana


10th march monday 2014

day began with tremoundous boredom and depression; Alexa ranks have further improved; checked 2 dailies and plus 2 more at Coffee place;Dis appointment for dhobi guy; had pressure to bring few needy things for home; Brush up by gta; Shouts of that cleaning lady;

Delhi 1 good thing avaialable; stats checked found that bus timings and realtors posts get traffic; Read back march so far;had tiffen; called metamorph; syam;

9th march 2014

Had hair color;Two of Ambush attempts have failed  later at RX  two more chances at very good ods have missed lesson learnt again in life to take the remidial measures keep surplus cash on hand; Alexa ranks have improved is the solace for the day; Code kept in one of new blog ids it looked impressive;

 Good exposure of that santosh reddy place; Indulgence crossed yet again; Night keshav met and had long chat; Gta alerted on morfing ; Old friend satyanarayana met at Musheerabad RX; Night chicken curry very costly one;Missed to attend journalists function;


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