Tuesday, March 04, 2014

4th march tuesday

Quickly scanned 3 dailies; Big shout at beggar; disposed old news papers; To progress now fast;

Work continued met 3 important  parties impact of sankranthi letter known new shops seen on the way; long journey; took pictures  again rains carnage and traffic jam suffered;

major twist happend at night after shout at girls for wastage of water; Called jd and seen maatav logo;decided for new domain and decided  to keep code in NT;
Near by web host found;
poor response from Shobit,jana and  surender;.TV tuvvalu details known; Good news is Delhi IVB is now available from HYD;Wished neibour boy for the first time;

3rd march 2014

2 cool success stories from field  so immediately made .tv visitng cards  ready thanks to kishore thats nice speed up enroute seen most of petrol pumps were flooded with people; On the way did few more calls; @ hours net cafe surfing consolidated blog content further;surprisingly reduced the intake for the day;

Chandra sekhar naidu and ED naidu have called up;Unable to begin g maps work due to slow net;
Heavy sound due to crackers near home looked as if bomb exploeded;.TV blog too created;


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