Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25th feb post

Plant looked nice so i took snap next to my house;

Days major success stories are got 3 commitments one from diagnostics two from club  venky for march 5th; third one  twitter for thursday Feb 26 th Knowledge levels further more strenghtened; lot of cell phone followups did from home;New Visiting  acard with google publisher by word idea has emerged later design work initiated Kishore;

Greatest concepts on internet analysed and getting funding is most important thing now.document writers agitation vedeo got importanve on google;
Major concepts are; search;social media;service industry Amazon ;banking;paypal;photo sharing;vedeo sharing;youtube;flickr;instagram;news sites;imdb;craiglist;wikipedia;auction sites;slide share;sex sites;Domain names hosting business;davianart;shopping sites like amazon;flipkart;archive;forbes;skype;betting site;cricket;NBA;statcounter;walmart;tripadviser;wsj;fedex;url redirection sites;webmd;naukri;local search just dial;

Another important information for the day is some companies are selling their products on FB; Surprising thing of the day is bengali labguage is one of top spoken launguages in world;Google history post blog linked to my blog;idea of Document writers getting letter;bookeasytaxi;

Morning got up very early at around 4 am and posted yesterdays collected sir names from Prasad my child hood friend his sir name is Mamillapalli; later when i searched for most popular serch engines i found this link; popular sear ch engines in the world

Important tasks for the day  planned;blogging tips read;Blogs, or web logs, are one of the fastest-growing means of mass communication. Though blogs originally gained mainstream attention in the 2000's through articles in prominent newspapers and magazine.When writing a blog, the key idea is to create content that other people will want to read and spread. 

Surprised to see  my nanada tv logo launch coverage spidered on google; night met Kiran and Kishore had discussion about that sweets guy. By night totally felt tiresome had heat water treatment and slepy off;

some puse hand bag?


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