Sunday, February 16, 2014

future pending things;

laptop repair;
new chappal pls;
activate J ryot subscription;

16th feb sunday continued;

My bylane;
Build your business online;

Paypal account needed;
a must;
3.30 pm;;
03 g plus followers for me;
boredom managed with FM radio;
sudden hunger pangs;

Horticultural show pictures show -2 nizam grounds; Hyderabad 2014

nizam college grounds horticulture show pictures sunday 16 th feb 2014;

these pictures took from horticultural show at nizam college grounds

16th sunday feb;

Had nice sleep;Had coffee;day planned;posted Saturdays blog;tweeted; Unable to decide wether to continue idols biz or not no call from syam;; suprise no powercut? sga cleaned office room;
Boredom pls; Sp songs on FM radio;
Horticautural show attended pics took; cards and brotures collected;

grocerkart;com;grocerykart t ids is with me;)

shpping cart details learnt;

15th Feb

Received syam shown him room; Quickly picked electrician and fixed regalator  light in bath room kitchen room light and Transistor repair; Later byke gave trouble but mechanic repaired it;
Later took sysm to his calls long wait; met Prahlad took his daughters marriage invitation card and sold Ananda Nilayam and known latest developments in pen drive;
RK alerted Dinner party;

Rough handling of Syam triggered disturbance.


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