Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11 th tuesday very heavy day;

Seen chermas blog; Idea is fast merging as to collect customers own data of their clients social media ids; Had a quick coffee;submitted mannan; had series of events; had to wait at park and not wishing old man is one point; Had puri but trouble with waiter there; Visited Library after long wish; at park read papers; importance of fruits; Some problem of bank sms had to re checked again;

After coming home started calling many people;
Blog ids work continued;
Skipped dropping;

Business calls were;
kamal watch;
@ home called syam,satsishPrasad;sataya,prakash;

100 blog ids can be blocked;currently 59 on hand;
Night Chinna replied;

Found that Chermas t id and blog ids;
later called kiran met Kishore after wait Kiran edited the Leaflet;Kishore edited Visiting Card; Took prints from the had cutting of cards; Then to field work;Failed commitment of DW again commitment came for satday;later met sardardi;Om trading on the way tried florist;
Evening re edited leaflet again;

naveen of happy home met at kiran; met that cloth shop guy;
Lost temper with Meena rahul
called helmet world;

To mochi for repair of  slippers;Quickly arranged water,cockroach gel;
tv news; jana; ecom cart discussion;
night story; slept at office;
nandu anjaneya ;wine shop guys;

TV news at news paper vendor; narsings help; Biryani guy responce to wish;

10th feb monday;

Most of the day i was at home preparing new leaflet content;@ calls did in field one successful;tried for diary they said friday possible; Few more important blog ids saved for the day; Night head ache at home lost temper broken TV;rinas trouble continued; taruniindia; shopping cart can be imbeded to blog it self new R & D for the day;Seen jabong web site;

 Known about hyderabad public school; lost temper at long waiting at vegitables;poor papaya;


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