Thursday, January 30, 2014

30th jan

1 area work had 2 more cloded ; earliar contacts sadasivan helped;
dwaaram seen; some uneasy;met byke guy;lalasa? stink there; lot of hunger pangs;
few more things posted; Morning retrieved age data of  some firms and individuals from google;Work finished earliar so lot of pending things did back at home; Managed to do some cell phone calls;google  the best place to work for;dhunseri tea; jd way of key word capture known;

29th jan

Morning written all data collected from old books to diary;Covered 2 more places this time collected 10 addresses on the way long drive also collcted fresh data;Vehicle on hand seems to be strongest asset to cover long distanaces;hope from the field has further worsened from one segment; Net at home terribly slow;
1more id into fold;

larry elison oracle 69
bill gates 58
jeff bezos 50
david filo 47
jerry yang 45
 larry page,sergy brin 40
merissa 38
 mark zukerberg 29


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