Thursday, January 23, 2014

RVS Networks India Pvt Ltd hyderabad

23rd jan;

Unable to get up early in morning something went wrong;Ghadbad  at  morning by gta at muggu time related tention totally unexpected move later she fired maid too i solved it ; Met pyramid  lady surprised to see the  that most of their key words are listed on google edited ph numbers addresses on blog and youtube had fresh commitment;

Thank god at rx few fav failed and i dint attend today to  watch their outing;
;Morning did r&d on adsense placed new code in blog;
 continued tweets abt ANR also watched TV;

Few more pics also took from field;

work continued at 2 stations;called NCC guy;
Had 3 success stories for the day anyway

ppl met today?
hey respect at  daily paper guy;

Satyanarayana Kaikala telugu actor producer

He was born on 25 July 1935 to Kaikala Laxmi Narayana couple at Kautaram village krishna district 

He married Nageswaramma on 10 April 1960 and is blessed with two daughters and two sons
establishing himself in villain roles. 

22nd jan post

ANRS death and watched TV mostly; Paid domain rebewal fee;Afternoon retrieved some ph numbers;Letters prepared took prints took print of me and gta; watched CM speech;morning google aproved photograhers known in hyd; Morning posted many pending entries;


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