Thursday, January 09, 2014

9th Jan thursday post

8 days of new year  2014 has passed off peacefully; few break throughs have happend; lot to achive in  this year;5 success stories for the day plus one closing for future of DW; kesh expectation could not be fulfilled helped him bit and iD proof also problem of pen refil cutter purchased;
another rambabu got trapped in cage; he is soft this time; gtas sister chinnanna came home and related sandadi; met Ravi cranes given letter mhad Chai and other guys;wished SRO erraggadda had amusing response;
OLX;ads seen;  How to investigate about about an incident is known from NRN his doubt and insecurity had to be softened my petrol and my papers my karchu (expenses)

Sankranthi letter further strengthened with the help of Suresh with design and layout;
Most of the drug officers got exposed letters distributed to 15 people and wished few more people;
Nig; distributed sankranthi letters to 15 places; gtas sister came home;
skipped mumbai rx;ht rent disturbance met galli guy and discussed;
lot of teleugu words exposed from e tv  telugu news known;

 finally wished vbr guy;


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