Wednesday, January 08, 2014

8th jan 2014;

Day began with  big  horrible sounds of trapped rat in iron cage; This time took the help of GTA i n preparing days plan;  Lot of interaction had from neibour RK;Had feedback from gta   about my blog post; Major success story of the day is edited letter with prominence of sankrnthi festival took help from gta,DTP guys etc;Called weavers times guy from there. To carry pen drive always;NRN got upset with vehicle expectation;

At field work seen many people were very interactive did almost 14 calls in field;Seen good books about marriage and make up at green trends;purchased covers for letter and gave  to some officers and clientale;
Night afghani pulao praparation seen on TV show;

7th jan 2014

Morning  had delicious idly with tasty tomato chutney at home ;Problem erupted when i fired  maid when she asked to move ; Dropped  gta and broght home safely thnaks to this byke it helped her wakling and waiting stress and apreciation from her collegues we purchased Gua fruits; New byke driving  saga began still to improve handling of it;  sekhar my brother he sent me one TTD diary and calender we must thank neibours to receive them this years thats gods given gift things must improve faster from now; This year  i have 5 diaries on hand; Days another success is sankranti letter but to improve detalig; vayidyam effects on wrting pad  with humming of songs at morning;This time electric bill was very low;Narsing tried to push again;
Morning called Suneetha,Syam mama;kolkata guy confirmed;  called vittal at night;

Long wait at one place but success followed read Vajram  on waiting timagazyne during the wait suffered with hunger pangs;petrol problem  during travel from rajendra nagar ;Seen people were driving very fast with helmets;
At field work hick up from NRN but later handled  it successfully; Sai and Bawa alled for hair oil;


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