Tuesday, January 07, 2014

6th jan monday

Morning felt very busy and  written entire  ads from new year of diffent publications counted to be 125; Later seen and segregated visiting cards of different people;jolt of rent; Vajram purchased; with NRN and K searched for byke near king Koti. Known about immediate renewal of lekhari.com domain; Some entries of calenders posted to blog;

Sold old unused  silver articles(depressed  the value  of what  my two rings can contribute in case of  money need) pooled money finally on NRNs motivation purchased and brought honda to home met sekhar and gave old scooter; discussion and new hope from meetup in office; Known how to get introduced; Need of women staff; One success story from field and another commitment also had ; Bawa called later Sai  sisters daughter for her  hair oil;Failure of butter fly news;
Realtors to concentrate;
Paadutha teeyagaa enjoyed;


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