Saturday, January 04, 2014

rats menace at my home reply me wether to kill or leave this mushika vahana of lord ganesha;? reply needed please;

Funny incident...............  happend this day one rat is troubling me and my wife at home finally  trapped in cage ! i took people openion from different people near by wether to kill it or leave it alive;
many people responded near by and few thousands on twitter;

gurralu blog opened and posted in morning  ; wished sro at begumpet and  6 people ;
called Parmesh prema bykes trouble continued; skillfully managed NRN;with nrn bala sai ashramam seen;satya called and told abt his sons birth;
luckily skipped rx all upsets;
Managed to money transfer  wished  3 people in bank money started to pour in my account;2 success stories for the day signed  in  telugu on receipt  prasad; enquired diaries gifting idea  and stickers with kiran;long chatr; with shreya abt rat;
called pawar suresh had good response;gopi rx;padmakar;bawa;prahlad;pappulamma pullaiah some details about Diabetic doctor;

after coming home called  many left over friends and wished;chermas;aziz dpro; c s naidu;ankama;balu hubli;bouncer gkttd; called scooter guy;kishore;PrK dint respond;
Couldnt resist  exitement and dosage crossed again triggering isecurity; what ever  earned for the day is quickly evaporated but  had to buy few needed things;

Bawa dint respond by night;


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