Saturday, December 28, 2013

28th saturday!

Must thank god got up early; managed to post pending pics and blog very eleborative this time took more time;>>>ghurrr from gta for asking to get up; criticism  from her overnite local dialect;nrn could catch up with sms but Prk dint respond; missed 2 good chances at rx;

Had to buy Divam Diary vendors on  recommendation;later joined Nrn roamed here and there and finally got payment seen one digital media company;later asked them to my office by night pulser placed byke in front of  home; great moment is achieved;While NRNs chanel network seems to be continued as per his feed back;
venkatesh poked in;so narsing paid him;
Then came the real one dropped gtas sisters daugter at secbad stn darbanga express;

27th friday december;

A song at home and good response related feedback but still to improve;Rinas paramarsha later wid her dad at night;chat with opp lady and her son even responded;touch up with shreya;galli ka kuch hua kya sure; even that lambu also responded;vegitables old lady too responded;called prk and known his function;altercation about apreciation;called akka;any effect here;

Well at work one cheque got but long interaction; and siraj of water works also responded for monday; sachin met surprised to see his physical growth;during the work read wow;new story emerged of that pulser from keshava;problem at byke parking from 2 places;met southern travels known about some advertiser;ne realtor lady and dayakar;cell 9885565517; srs travels;old man;free lunch;ruby channel;; confident approach continued; tilak effect need to be watched;

Even at work interacted with security guy;ayurvedik guy  gupta9177764741;called that  beauty parlour lady;
few calls did at lakdi ka pool;dress discussions;
oops seenaiah too responded;
problem of cell ph switch off during work;
Thank god that cheque is passed by evening;


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