Thursday, December 26, 2013

26th dec thursday

@ RX 4 straight rx loses lets see which one is heavily getting backed up ?;youngsters and fav pls; latest 5l winners keep an eye tote centres known; even at this stage also first run won taotally a different day;
made prk to work;thanks to cell ph;
worked wid nrn ;surprise keshava met shown few points and lot of new knowledge about cable TV;
body massage/spa/etc/ are new centres;I had to stand for long time;
shreya birth day

shreya birth day celebs ;took pics;*** wow apologies;/
help neibour for gas to home;
called trade centre;
jagdamba activated;
cell phone acitivated with twitter and tweeted;thanks to gta;

25th december christmas eve day

Despite christmas i made my attempts; and had very encouraging day;
Closed one client; had hope from another;purchased data card;must upgrade to data saving on mobile;
ridicule of gta insecurity;
known deatils of that ashraf family back ground;
reply received from michelle;
long chat with fathi; encouraged;known differences;
>>fakhri activated; spent time;
motor byke of rajesh chat;
connected to syam;suneetha;nrn;bujji;
AAP jock; with galli and;
syam mama;syam son;
helped narsing his feedback also had;
encouraging thing from Prasad;
nice response from kishore;
morning while buying milk had one good guy and coffee place another;seen one ad in jyothi;
wished richa;
called rangoli;
infront of nazmi seen their placement in laptop;

entire wow seen and noted details;


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