Wednesday, November 27, 2013

merhaba tyres mahankali street secunderabad

27th ,28th november; wed day

27th th november;

Got up earliar;Had  coffee; scanned jyothi; saravana elite closed; 2 cats;  checked s fixations; Tweeted;

watched tips of vedeo about digital camera and youtube short movies;
that t id and one ranigunj payment got transfered into account;
2 more new clients shops pics into fold; Kamal  met at ranigunj;(3 helpas did;prk;owner;Kaml;)

Called Akka; and satish and aneesh;
Managed to pay net pending bill;seen marraiage halls with Prk;chennai anna hall;Purchased new eue glass;Scanned pendrives for visiting cards;Trolley wheels and Castor wheels maps listings seen;
Downloaded Vedeo editing sofatwares in laptop;

28th november thursday;

heavy cool ;waited for Kamal; later with the help of Kishore visiting cards got printed for me and PRK; Kamal met had nice positive feedback from  him  then to rx; he remained same ;left him ; sudden rain; dosage crossed further; net very slow at home;
skipped field work totally;success at rx;paid prk pending;
29th nov friday;
managed et; response time article in ET; not listed kamals call; no incoming calls; some one called for SMS package; tried to retrieve natco card?;
No field work for second day;
at rx new point again watch failed Fav; recovered  have sufficient cash levels on hand;
new point at kolkata; had lunch at home;


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