Saturday, November 09, 2013

9th november;sat day;

Continued field survey at morning but this is sudden decicion few more references noted;managed day with 9 field  calls had 2  positives ;2 payments cleared  now  clearly out of problems;
morning park meditation work missed;Aunty met on road; Skipped days rx;surajs flutter at 3 rd choice in 2 year olds at Bangalore 3 rd day;

had long chat at home at morning abt gadjet buying and paying dues;

Sunday Kolkata rx card seems to be promising;

Kamals calls recd;
Gtas chinnannas arrived kot arranged;

8th nov;
After visit request my guess passed right;shown him probables next;Got struc with one client all the time has gone;Yet i managed photo shoot and one new idea emerged of current listing to capture; one more new rx point 1400 mts touch;


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