Monday, November 04, 2013

4th november post divali day

Prk came home with his family; attended rx had one confident one but missed;Morning longR*D did on selecting top key words;Worked in field had few more positives;
Decided to give ads for people; and for investors;prepared ad content;submitted 3 pending entries finally so releived;

3rd divali plus sunday

Prakash called and  Divali wishes; Jayram reddy;This time jana called ; Skipped hy rx; Continued arial survey  more exposure again on Puja time decorations;One fight near kavadiguda;Took 25 prints from a new cafe thats nice another sadgun again;No news papers for the day;Managed tweets;

% people needed badly to work for;decided about ads;Seen movie on laptop;Spent 1 hou in office room watching google prints;Morning posted pending blogs;


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