Sunday, November 03, 2013

1st and 2 second november 2013 posts;

1st november;

met web developer discussed about ad words ; at rx;dothe thing you fear acted so one more confution got cleared;;they disturb with winning favrite shaktiroop  missed; took another 65 prints from sadgun; night prk met had time with him; new cheque from royal glass took and deposited in bank;one guy met at hrc and power in urdu expression; moring remained at home;lot of favrites won in opening day but poor odds;

2nd nov
saturday; A  grocer a t chikkadpally remained there ; to park and did  r* d on prints;which industry is offering growth rate to know;at rx new point is even on 4th career start it can flutter; most last year stats of rx seen found that favrites are out numbered;;night agression on compound to be very careful;  galli children crackers  hungama seen;one pen got at park;gtas birth day related hungama;sans frontiers;equine lover upsets;


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